Thermal Insulating Spray Applications for Vancouver

Greer Contracting Ltd’s non-combustible thermal insulation can be spray-applied to concrete, wood, steel, glass, gypsum, or fireproofing spray surfaces.
The most commonly applied colour is white, however other colours are available, including grey, black, charcoal, and tan.

• CAN/ULC 5-114: Non-Combustible
• ASTM E-84: Non-Combustible
• Flame Spread < 25
• Smoke Developed < 50

Product Lines of Spray Thermal Insulation

For more information on spray thermal insulation applications in the Lower Mainland, contact Greer Contracting.

Thermal Spray Insulation cover Mineral Fiber Fireproofing at the Vancouver Convention Centre; support beams
ThermaCoustic TC-417 to Parking Ceiling; ceiling
Spray Thermal Insulation Installation