Spray Fireproofing Applications for Vancouver & British Columbia

Greer Contracting Ltd applies spray fireproofing to structural steel floors, beams, columns, roofs, and wall assemblies to meet CAN/ULC-S101 Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials.

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Vancouver’s Intumescent Spray Fireproofing Professionals

Intumescent fireproofing is a thin-film coating which allows architectural features to structural steel columns, beams, and braces to remain as an exposed steel finish, rather than boxed in with cladding or dry wall. The finish can be coloured using a decorative topcoat for aesthetically pleasing designs.

Applications for Intumescent Fireproofing
Intumescent fireproofing can be applied to interior locations such as libraries, hospitals, schools, airports, transit stations, and shopping centres.
Exterior grade intumescent coatings can be applied to industrial buildings, ship or ferry marine vessels, automotive dealerships, airports, and commercial buildings where exposed steel requires a ULC or UL rating using an approved ASTM 119 or CAN/ULC-S101 system.

Intumescent Products Lines

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Wet Mix Plaster Fireproofing for Vancouver & Western Canada

Cementitious fireproofing is a wet mix plaster fireproofing substance, using a base of Portland cement or gypsum. This type of coating can be applied to fireproof steel for a fire resistance rating of 1 to 4 hours, for both restrained and unrestrained ratings.

Cementitious Products

Greer Contracting Ltd applies several types of cementitious fireproofing, including:

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Mineral Fiber Spray Fireproofing for Vancouver & Western Canada

Mineral fiber spray fireproofing is composed of a dry fiber mix combined with cement-based binder. Mineral fiber fireproofing can be applied to wall assemblies and metal cladding buildings using ULC Tests W801, W802, or W803. Other uses include fireproofing to structural steel columns, beams, open web steel joists, and metal deck.

Applications can be applied to meet a 1 hour up to 4 hour fire resistive rating. Both interior grade and exterior grade products are available.

Mineral Fiber Products

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Medium Density, High Resistance Fireproofing for British Columbia

Medium density spray fireproofing is generally applied in areas that are publicly accessible, and therefore prone to damage. This material’s resistive qualities make it ideal for areas such as exposed columns and braces that require a stronger, harder, and more durable application than typical fireproofing can provide. Medium density fireproofing can also be used for specialized industrial or commercial applications.

Within our projects gallery, you can see an example of our medium density spray fireproofing that has been applied at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Medium Density Spray Fireproofing Products

Greer Contracting applies several varieties of medium density spray fireproofing, including:
• A/D Type 5 MD™
• A/D Type 7GP™
• Cafco® 400
• Cafco Blaze-Shield® HP

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Exterior Grade Fireproofing Services for Vancouver & British Columbia

Exterior grade fireproofing products are suitable for exterior areas that face weather exposure. These products are used for fire rating structural steel which may be subject to various levels of exterior exposure. These levels may range from extreme exposure to wind, rain, as well as freeze and thaw cycles, versus simply being within an enclosed soffit with no direct weather contact.

Exterior Grade Products:

• Cafco® Blaze-Shield® II
• Cafco® Blaze-Shield® HP
• Cafco® Fendolite® M-II
• A/D Type 7GP™
• A/D Type 7 HD™
• Carboline® Pyrocrete

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Fireproofing Applications for British Columbia Industrial Sites

Extreme Weather & High Temperature Resistance
Used for spray or trowel applications to industrial plants where a lightweight, highly durable product is required. Meets Rapid Rise Fire test UL 1709 for extreme heat conditions caused by hydro-carbon fires in petrochemical installations. Produced for areas with freeze and thaw cycles, as well as extreme direct weather exposure.

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• Cafco® Fendolite® M-II
• Carboline® Pyrocrete 40